Over the years, various performance improvement techniques and methods have been introduced, like Lean and Six Sigma. A disadvantage within these traditional optimisation methods is that performing the corresponding analyses often lays a heavy burden on the organization, and often - unintentionally – is delivered as a one-off. The data is collected in samples and results are often poorly reproducible and are difficult to structurally embed when returning to the order of the day. The rise of a field like Data Science is a driver to increase the quality and lead time of these kind of insights.

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As a User Experience (UX) designer, I’m often contacted by our customers to help them out with an app that has poor user adaptation. Often such an app, or any solution of that matter, is being perceived as not user-friendly or, even worse, as not very useful. So what steps can you take to become more user-centered when developing an app?

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Are you, or those around you, suffering from burnout at work? If so, you aren’t alone. In the Netherlands alone, 13% of employees report burnout and 35% report work-related stress as the primary reason for leaving a company. And when looking at these numbers on an international scale, the problem only intensifies. So what can you do to improve your work-life balance? 


Have you experienced that performance improvement programs have fallen short of your expectations and that the cost of these programs didn’t live up to the returns, or even led to interruptions in running operations? Or have you seen that, despite costly compliance, projects you still fail to meet external regulation requirements? Well, lucky for you, SAP Process Mining provides a solution to overcome such ailments.

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With summer around the corner, the opportunities are plentiful to get active for local causes around the Netherlands. Which, if you ask us, is not only the perfect opportunity to give back to the communities that are so endearing to us, but also get our summer bodies ready for the months to come.


Are you running into issues related to a slow onboarding process or invalid end-user authorizations that result in high costs for your IT department?

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Innovation is the key to the future. Without pushing the boundaries of technology, businesses become stagnant. Ensuring that we are on the cutting edge of innovation makes us approach each project with the mindset of doing, thinking, and delivering the unexpected. By daring to do the unexpected, we have recently been acknowledged by receiving two 2017 SAP HANA Innovation Awards for two of our most innovative projects.

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Together with ERP-SEC, The Next View is now offering an SAP Vulnerability Quickscan on the basis of the product Protect4S. ProRail has already used this service to scan the top five SAP systems for vulnerabilities, the scan found recommendations that can ensure an even safer IT landscape. These results provided good reason for ProRail to take out a subscription from our Vulnerability Quickscan service so they can regularly receive an overview of potential vulnerabilities throughout their entire SAP landscape.

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SAP Vora makes Data Exploration, Data Science, and modeling more intuitive and accessible in the Hadoop platform and allows native integration with SAP HANA. Recently, we shared our latest VORA blog based on SAP’s recent developments in SAP Vora 1.4. Next to Roadmaps updates, TechEd’s and InnoJam’s, SAP is also providing a platform to get more developers acquainted with new SAP technologies in a fun and casual environment.

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About a year and a half ago, SAP launched SAP BusinessObjects Cloud (BOC). Despite the initial lag behind other analytics-tools, the product has rapidly evolved into a mature, comprehensive user-friendly platform. However, with the frequent product changes, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we are here to provide you with the most relevant updates and practical integration possibilities of SAP BOC.

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