Dionne Verstegen
Apr 2, 2014 11:15:00 AM

My HR Self-Service at GVB

My HR at GVB is a self-service HR solution that allows employees and managers to manage their HR business online easily. The solution is responsive, meaning it can be used on any type of device. This ensures up-to-date data, insightful data and a user-oriented process. Phase 1, personal data and payslip, was live within 4 months and was directly used by many people. A result, which project managers Alexandra Hustinx and Maartje Timmer were proud of!


GVB provides public transport including the tram, bus, metro and ferries in and around Amsterdam. It is also one of the most important technology employers in Amsterdam. GVB currently employs around 3750 people. Alexandra Hustinx is the project manager of e-HRM and coordinates all projects related to the digitization of HR processes. Maartje Timmer is the project leader of e-HRM and primarily focuses on managing change in the function and the communication surrounding HR issues. At this moment Alexandra and Maartje are working together on one of the largest projects within the HR field of GVB: the establishment of My HR.

My HR serves as a digital portal for the most common HR transactions for all 3750 employees. Instead of a cumbersome process with paper forms, with many signatures, employees can easily arrange all their own HR business via the intranet or internet (outside of GVB). In this way, GVB offers all the HR services 24/7 to its employees. By offering all these HR services digitally it is possible for employees to deal with these issues 24/7. This is particularly useful for some employees, such as operators and mechanics, who do not have a standard 9 to 5 job.

This video shows GVB’s My HR business case.


Responsive My HR

My HR consists of several parts: My Administration My Paystrip, My Invoices, My Special Leave and a number of HR processes for managers, such as termination of employment and redeployment. The plan states that everything will be available in My HR by October 2014. Up until then, every two months a block of functionality will be going live. My HR uses a responsive design, meaning that one solution is suitable for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

The advantages of a standard product can be clearly seen at GVB. “Within 4 months we had the first phase, My Administration and My Payslip live. That is a great result, which we could never have achieved if we had built something new from scratch. We are very proud of this”, said Hustinx. Timmer: “What I personally like about the part that we now have live is that the employee can enter additional information that we previously didn’t recorded, such as a contact person in case of an emergency. We see that within one month, more than 1500 mutations have occurred through My HR; and for us this is a great result. Additionally, the first digital payslip was viewed more than 10,000 times, a great outcome.” The process of bringing the first phase to life yielded surprisingly few problems: “We had established a special communications room for if a large number of people would call suddenly, but there were hardly any calls", says Timmer.


First company in The Netherlands

GVB is the first company in the Netherlands using this product. Hustinx: “I sometimes find this exciting, but I notice that I'm really proud of the result GVB has achieved than the standard Cordis Solutions product. My HR offered a lot of information, however, we chose to omit many things because this information can be confusing.” Occasionally changes need to be made on the product, for which development work is needed.


Involve users

In short sprints new functionalities are always delivered. “This is a deliberate choice, because in this way you can deal with both questions and answers better. In general, people find it difficult to change and we notice this at GVB”, says Timmer. This is why users are involved early on in the project. Timmer: “We have a customer panel comprised of a number of executives from different disciplines. Throughout the project they think about the establishment. We also have a number of employees who are temporarily unable to do their own work, and are testing my HR and reading the explanations and instructions.” “This helps both parties”, Hustinx adds, “people that can’t work can now help us and later also benefits from this.” Due to this there were no negative reactions from users. “This means a lot,” says Timmer, “as normally we do get some complaints when introducing new schemes, but there are almost none now. The reactions we get are mostly positive; they think it look user-friendly and simple.”



The project has been successful for Hustinx and Timmer when about 80% of the HR processes are no longer handled with on paper but instead online. “The profit lies in the fact that the employee are now able to do much themselves, regardless of time or place, as this can be done online. Mutations and their status can be seen in real time. Employees no longer have to ask their manager the status of their mutation”, said Hustinx. Hustinx’s ultimate dream, however, goes beyond this: “In the future I would like to create My GVB so that people can not only regulate HR processes online, but can also regulate cases in the areas of finance and procurement.”


Responsive design

The decisive factor in choosing The Next View was knowledge of the standard product and the experience with responsive design. Hustinx believes that the collaboration between The Next View and GVB is special: “I notice that we reinforce each other, which is nice. We work hard, but also enjoy our work. We all sit in one room and this ensures adjustments can be made quickly. Everyone looks out for everyone and people are also prepared to help the other. This is essential for the success of such a project”, says Timmer.

Author:  Dionne Verstegen

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