Oscar Mulders
Sep 17, 2015 4:31:00 PM

Rabobank Wins the SAP Quality Awards 2015

‘s-Hertogenbosch, 17th of September, 2015 - Last Wednesday the SAP Quality Awards 2015 were awarded to the companies with most innovative and successfully implemented SAP projects. Rabobank, who worked together with The Next View to create the Invoice Approval App, received an award in the category “Business Transformation”.

Every year the Rabobank processes over 60,000 invoices. To date, managers at the bank were to approve these invoices using complicated screens. As the managers aren’t rigorous SAP users, these approvals cost them time and effort.

To solve this problem the Rabobank developed the Invoice Approval App in collaboration with SAP and Mobility experts at The Next View. The Invoice Approval App is a solution that enables managers to quickly approve invoices though a mobile application. The simplicity of the app has ensured all 3,000 managers are now able to approve of invoices on time.

“This project was a breakthrough in the banking (security) world. The bank developed a transactional app for the enterprise-wide approval of invoices. The judges were impressed by the enthusiasm of the project team, who worked alongside The Next View’s SAP specialists, as well as how they solved technical challenges in the areas of connectivity and security.” (Source :Dutch IT-channel)

Rabobank neemt de SAP Quality Award 2015 in ontvangst

Arjanne Creemers and Frits Daamen from the Rabobank were awarded the SAP Quality Award.

The project Invoice Approval App was elected from a group of 50 projects that had had passed the pre-selection stage. The award was bestowed because of the technological challenge that was overcome. The complex IT infrastructure and high security demands within Rabobank had so far prevented the development of mobile applications for internal use. The in-depth technological knowledge and result oriented mentality of the project led to the success: Rabobank has deployed its first mobile app.

Author:  Oscar Mulders

Oscar Mulders is one of te co-founders of The Next View. As Managing Partner he is jointly responsible for the daily running of the company.


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