Pieter Hendrikx
Dec 18, 2014 7:00:00 AM

SAP Accounts Payable Dashboard: Real-Time Insight in Outstanding Invoices

With help from The Next View, Alliander IT recently implemented the SAP Accounts Payable Dashboard (also available on the HANA Cloud Platform). The dashboard has provided Alliander with real-time insight in the invoice flow and has been able to reduce the backlog of open invoices by 80% in a short time. In this blog you can read about the business case, how the SAP accounts payable dashboard provides a solution and take a look at the demo!



The accounts payable administration are primarily involved in processing invoices. Unfortunately, there is always talk of failure in the invoicing flow. Think of invoices that can’t be matched automatically due to missing or incorrect information. Everyone can think of example, such as uncalculated order numbers and incorrect invoice amounts. But how many problem cases are we talking about and are we still paying on time? And what is the cause of the failure? These questions will be answered by taking one look at the developed Accounts Payable Dashboard, developed by Alliander and The Next View.


The dashboard provides real-time insight in the status of outstanding invoices and the entire invoicing flow.


Real-time insight in the status of outstanding invoices

SAP Design Studio and SAP Dashboards both provide a dashboard showing real-time insight in the backlog of outstanding invoices. The invoices are split into 2 categories: invoices that can still be paid on time, and invoices that have exceeded the agreed payment date. Thanks to the intuitive drill-down functionality a user can simply click on the numbers in the backlog leading them to the actual underlying invoices. This simplifies the resolving of any failure or problems. Due to the fact that the data is presented in real-time, the figures come to life creating a dynamic process on the dashboard. Seeing their efforts immediately becoming visible, shown by a lower workload, on the dashboard can motivate employees.


The team leader of the accounts payable administration is managing his team using the dashboard 70-inch screen.


Straight to work after receiving an introduction taking 2 minutes

The Next View was focussing on the user-friendliness of the product during the design of the product. Peter Hendrikx, BI lead at The Next View says: “The most important KPI in assessing the success of a dashboard is the extent to which people use it. To achieve this we focussed on making the dashboard user-friendly and accessible, together with Alliander. After a 2 minute instruction a user can start using the product. Using the dashboard colleagues at ALliander determine how the accounts payable department can develop further.”

Build once, deploy anywhere

The SAP Accounts Payable Dashboard has been designed from the basics and has been developed so that it can be optimally displayed on various devices. This is called “responsive design”, meaning that the dashboard automatically adapts to the device on which it is displayed. The dashboard can be optimally displayed on both a traditional laptop screen, a mobile device such an iPad or iPhone but also on a large touchscreen. Alliander has chosen to present the SAP Accounts Payable Dashboard on a 70-inch touchscreen in the centre of the accounts payable department. The dashboard and the management information on it are thus visible to everyone. You can always check the current state of affairs, even at your own desk. This contributes to a high awareness, and the figures come alive amongst colleagues leading them to be more motivated in reducing the backlog.

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Did this blog make you interested in the SAP Accounts Payable Dashboard? If so, click on the picture below to watch a pre-recorded demo of the dashboard.

Bekijk de video: Hoe maakt Alliander gebruik van het Crediteuren Dashboard?


Author:  Pieter Hendrikx

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