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Apr 16, 2015 3:37:00 PM

Customer Story: SAP Event App on the HANA Cloud Platform

Last week the wait was finally over. The SAP Innovation Forum 2015 took place in the Netherlands. This edition was marked by the power of simple processes and fast innovation. What is better than introducing the Event App based on HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) at the event? Mark van Heijningen, Marketing Director at SAP Netherlands and Oscar Mulders, Partner at The Next View, will explain the SAP Event App

Mark van Heijningen SAP

Mark van Heijningen, Marketing Director at SAP Netherlands

On the 8th of April the SAP Innovation Forum took place. This is one of SAP’s biggest events and this time the theme was ‘Discover Simple’. During the workshops and presentation the companies are taught how to speed up the process of innovation on the SAP Cloud solutions and HANA. The motto being: Simple. These days the HANA Cloud Platform is an important topic. It is SAP’s newest development platform and allows for the extension of Successfactors and S/4HANA or on-premise SAP environments.

Drink your own champagne

“During the preparations for the Innovation Forum The Next View thought up an interesting proposal: an Event App on the HANA Cloud Platform. This matches perfectly with the theme of the event. We strongly believe in the principle ‘Drink your own champagne.’ Using the Event App our customers can take a look at the program and map, see whom the speakers and sponsors are, and are even able to create their own program. Additionally you can establish contact with the speakers and other participants simply by LinkedIn, thanks to the connection to LinkedIn.”, says Mark van Heijningen.

The Next View believes it is important to explore SAP innovations just after they have launched, so as to be able to advise their clients properly. Oscar Mulders explains: “Since 2013, The Next View has been keeping a close eye on the HANA Cloud Platform. This platform is the central pivot of the SAP product roadmap and is an important step for organizations in the SAP Cloud Architecture. We are always looking for compelling cases to help highlight to our customers that this technology is already available today. We are delighted that SAP Netherlands has asked us to launch the SAP event app based on the HANA Cloud Platform for their marketing events.”

Discover Simple met het HANA Cloud Platform

Why would you choose to invest in your own Event App on the HANA Cloud Platform when there are so many different event apps within SAP worldwide? Mark answers: “Other options are based on other platforms. In addition, SAP Netherlands likes to illustration to its customers how easily and quickly you can develop and run an app on the HANA Cloud Platform. Is there anything better than saying: ‘That simple and accessible app that we all use has been built on the HANA Cloud Platform.’ And actually using a product is 10 times more powerful, than showing some images in a presentation.”

SAP Event App op het HANA Cloud Platform

SAP Event App used at the SAP Innovation Forum 2015.

Experiences of building apps on the HANA Cloud Platform

A year ago The Next View developed the first Event app on the HANA Cloud Platform for VNSG Congress. “As they had a lot of experience they were our perfect partner to create an Event app with. It's nice to see how quickly the app is up and running, and how easily data can be entered. The app only uses a small portion of the capabilities that the HANA Cloud Platform has to offer. I think this is a good method to adopt the cloud. Just send a little process to the cloud so that this can be easily expanded later on.”, says Mark van Heijningen.

Oscar: "Based on their project experience and collaboration with SAP Walldorf, our architects have discovered that HANA Cloud Platform provides a suitable solution to many problems. From building additional functionality for an on-premise SAP system, the integration between on-premise and cloud products like SuccessFactors, to the use of predictive models for Big Data scenarios. As Mark suggested before, a narrow scope is the one condition for a successful start in the SAP Cloud. The development of the SAP event app is a good example of this.”

Mark: “When is the SAP Event app a success? The SAP Event App is considered a success when users can easily navigate through an event and when they can effortlessly connect to speakers and other guests. And we like to hope that guests remember that the app is based on the HANA Cloud Platform. When all these factors are met we shall be happy."

Are you curious about the Event App on the HANA Cloud Platform? If so, please download the app for Android or iOS.

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