SAP Security


The SAP Security portfolio offers a wide range of products that can help manage the access to your systems, check the security of your systems and monitor the traffic inside and outside the network for abnormalities. The Next View has been involved in the development of this portfolio from the very beginning. Our SAP Security specialists have in-depth experience with all issues surrounding security.


SAP Security is divided into three pillars: Identity and Access Management (IAM), SAP Security Platform and SAP Cloud Security. In the following paragraphs, the products SAP offers will be adressed. It is also possible to design your own SAPU15 screen for the SAP Security products to improve user experience.


Identity & Access Management

SAP Identity Management

SAP IdM is a key solution to gain control of identities and authorisations for all information systems in the ICT landscape. By using Self Service and an approval process, the organisation will become independent in the authorisation process and managing the roles of employees. On top of that it gives insight into the authorisations that users have, and makes it possible to create a comprehensible separation in the different functions.

SAP Access Control

SAP Access Control helps keep the risks around access control as low as possible. This may include strict separation of responsibilities, or handing out temporary "superuser" rights to resolve incidents, as well as for audit reports and fraud prevention. On top of that it can also perform role management and user management.

SAP Single Sign-On

SAP Single Sign-On provides a simple and secure access to ICT applications to its users. It allows users to require less accounts to gain access to enterprise data and applications, and it can make sure that the communication between the application and the user is encrypted. SSO works both on-premise and in the cloud. It also offers opportunities to extend authentication with "two-factor authentication."

SAP Platform Security

Code Vulnerabilities add-on

The SAP NetWeaver AS add-on for code vulnerability analysis is an ABAP program that can detect vulnerabilities in ABAP code. It is not only able to analyse the code but also reduce the number of false reports by using source information. On top of that it furthermore provides documentation that can help developers to solve the vulnerabilities.

SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

Enterprise Threat Detection provides insight into suspicious activities, such as cyber attacks on the IT system. It allows companies to automatically identify security incidents. One can therefore respond promptly and adequately to counteract the risk and prevent major damage to the system.

SAP Cloud Security

SAP Cloud Identity Service for hybrid SAP landscape

Cloud ID Service provides Single Sign-On in the cloud. It is offered by SAP as a software-as-a-service solution, and provides standard functionality to aid identity management. Cloud ID service provides a standard framework for logging in to cloud applications by offering a standard login screen, and security token authentication.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform security capabilities

The HANA Cloud Platform provides all the components needed to quickly and easily expand an existing landscape, without impacting the existing security infrastructure and policies. All applications on the HANA Cloud Platform have a number of authentication and authorisation services that can be provided. The HANA database in the cloud is multi-tenant, this means that the data is strictly separated for the different users. Another option to secure data even more thoroughly is to store the data in an encrypted manner.

SAP Mobile Secure

SAP Mobile Secure is designed to provide secured applications and data to aid device management. It is a collection of management and security solutions that SAP has compiled, it contains both private and partner products. The products that are included are: SAP Afaria Mobile Device Management, SAP Mobile App Protection Mocana and SAP Mobile Documents.