SAP Business Solutions

What is it?

Digitization will radically change each organization in the coming years, it will allow businesses to improve management decisions, increase customer intimacy, lead to new business models, reduce operational costs. We also understand that this means that digital solutions need to be designed, build and run holistically, but first and foremost that it’s a business transformation even more than a technical transformation.

Too often we’ve seen isolated, technology driven proofs of concepts that yielded no business benefits and thus no business support. Not so much because of failures in technology, but because of lapses in the understanding what business benefit the new technology should drive. We understand that with so many options to start the digital journey, investments opportunities need to be selected carefully, business stakeholders need to be involved heavily and measurable benefits should be monitored closely and transparently.

With Business Solutions we support our clients in realizing game changing solutions from conception until measurable and tangible business value is delivered. In this we connect technologies like process mining, predictive analytics, Internet of Things, security and apps to drive real business value, with at its core fact based performance improvement.


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